Health and depression

What is depression?

Depression is a disease that is characterized by a sad mood, a lack of interest in activities that we usually enjoy, a change in energy level, appetite and ability to concentrate. Feelings of guilt, shame or suicidal ideation are also part of the symptoms of this disease. There are effective treatments for this disease, the main two of which are psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. It is possible to recover from depression and prevent relapse. To achieve this, it is recommended to use one or both of the proven treatments, depending on your preference. We encourage you to speak with a doctor about your symptoms and make an informed decision about which treatment option is best for you, based on your particular life context.

Depression self-management

In addition to conventional treatments, it is desirable to get to know this disease well and to spot the warning signs of episodes of depression in order to act quickly if they occur again. It is also important to develop strategies to optimize your mental health on a daily basis. This is called self-management of depression.

There are resources available to help you acquire this self-help knowledge and skills for depression. In particular, the community organization Revivre offers group workshops (Depression Self-Management Workshops). There is also a self-care guide available in French (Self-care guide for depression). the support a health professional or a qualified caregiver can be useful in acquiring basic skills to learn how to prevent relapse of this disease.

It is important to know that it is possible to live an active and healthy life even if you have experienced one or more depression episodes. Don’t hesitate to check out the resources below, they will certainly be useful to you.

Useful ressources



In this Webinar (in french), Janie Houle described the concepts of self-management and shared decision-making and offered participants interventions to improve the supply of primary care and services for people suffering from depression or anxiety disorders. Bruno Collard of Revivre organization presented the self-management workshops that Revivre has developed as well as the main characteristics of the clienteles who can benefit from these workshops.

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